Client Reviews

"Shena and Angela are such rays of light and have created such an amazing space and practice! They have been instrumental in my healing journey and truly care about each and every person they work with. I was shocked when they continued to follow up and support me even after I would leave each session; something so small but is so impactful. They truly make you feel seen and cared for."


~Amelia M.~


"Shena and Angela hold such a safe, loving, and intuitive space to heal. I was such a skeptic before I met them and experienced their work, but they met me exactly where I was and made me feel understood and seen. Energy healing has transformed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe. I tell as many people that will listen that they need Shena and Angela in their tool belt of ways to heal and grow. Go see them!!"


~Russane S.~


"This was my first Reiki experience, and it definitely won’t be my last. Shena and Angela are amazing listeners and use their unique talents and skills create opportunities for powerful change. Their kindness and warmth make it easy to be open to the new insights that await. This is a truly magical experience. Highly recommend!"


~Lisa S.~


"These two are the real deal. I was new to energy work, and it completely blew me away. I will be making them a regular on my calendar. It’s healing season, and Shena and Angela play a vital role in that!"


~Sarah J.~


"Shena and Angela have created a magical, beautiful space for people to realize and live into their own strength. In just one session with them, I learned so much about myself, my energy, and how to honor my own power. Do your soul a huge favor and book a session!"


~Andie D.~


"I had the most amazing experience working with both Shena and Angela. The space they hold for people feels so safe and empowering."


~Malerie E.~


"I was absolutely blown away after my sessions with Shena and Angela! I didn’t really know what to expect but they have created such an open and safe environment, and they were so warm and welcoming!"


~Lauren R.~


"I was very skeptical about that thing at first....., life changing experience....highly recommend after narcissistic relationship... those girls put heart and soul to help, thank you Shena and Angela, looking forward with emancipation for next session."


~Jola P.~


"Amazing healing work from these two wonderful ladies! Highly recommend seeing them if you are in need of a reiki session! Sometimes you need a reset button with all the stress in your life 💞 thanks guys!!"


~Maria A.~


"The healers of healers. Great experience!"


~Zachary D.~


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